Project W8

Golf MKI  , Well one day I decided I wanted a Hot Golf MKI . I had already had a fun 1983 Rabbit GTI the year before . IT was a great car , fun little daily you could beat around. Really made you understand what power was when you drove it all week then jumped into a Supercharged VR6 . I mistakenly sold the little bugger after my wife decided that it was time for the extra car to go. That ok , it  was not the best place form to start with.

So I started the hunt for something I could build from. I happened across a 1984 GTI gutted but in good running condition . The body was in good shape. I bought after I knew it came from a friend in PDX ( Cursed on the Vortex)

Well I knew the project was going to me built at Frutrell Autowerks in PDX for two reasons . One that Dean had built his own hot Golf and that he knew where to get the correct parts. Secondly OR dose not have sales tax like WA. Sweet save some cash.

Well Dean took look at the 1984 GTI and said it had to go. So up for sale it went , funny made $100 on that deal. About a week later Dean found a White 1977 semi messed with Golf perfect for a restore. So I started writing checks to Dean every month. We wrote out a budget and guidelines I would like to see.

We only had a few bumps along the way. Well originally the car was to have a carbed 16V , but the one I bought from Mike was a total loss , filled with water. I'll kill that guy if I see them. So Den wanted to do a 1.8T out of a 1999 Passat . I found a good motor this time from Pete Ross . Took it down and started to build the car . Well a year later the car was 95% done. All cars are a work in progress right ?

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-the 425 Dubs goober

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