Project W8

MKII Jetta  , Well how did I come upon this junker ? It all started with the Wife. She really need to get out of her 2001 Jetta 2point slow. It's a dog , horrible . I can't believe that VW could have made this. Someone that day was drunk with this car went down the assembly line. So I have tried several times to get the wife a new car. At the time this was the best we could do , it was the right choice to get her out of a horrid Honda.

Well I saw this junker for sale in the PNW classifieds on Vortex. It was Ryan's junker and I thought this would be perfect. She really only drives around town two or three times a week at lunch. So a new car was just out of the question. So it needed some work . I picked it up and started to work on this one my self , yes really!

So it need and new front end , Grill , hood , lights and wheels. Yes wheels make the car . I knew I need something but what . I bought some fenders and started there along with some new cross hairs and badge less grill. I started working Wednesday nights at the shop till the front end was completed.

FOUND THEM.... Perfect set of wheels . ATS classics . I saw a post in the MK1 Forums and picked up a set.

So what is next ? I need to get this bugger to the paint shop . Still going L11L but I think I will add some mother of pearl.

See more pic's here 

-the 425 Dubs goober