Project W8

Audi TT , Well I know these great guys down in PDX called HillsideImports.Com . They did work on  few ofmy projects , Passat W8 , supercharger on my Vento , and ton of bolt-ons on many of the other cars. Well we became quick friends . So in my travels n building the W8 passat they told me they were going to sell off there Audi TT show car. They just were to busy to venture into the Audi sales. After I drove the car while my Vento was down in PDX I got a chance to drive the Audi and it was amazing. Well I was in the right place at the right time with the recent sale of my Vento I had th4e cash available to get the car at a great deal price.

Well the car 2001 Audi TT 225hp All wheel drive is alot of fun. As for mods I've only added a few small items. At ND last year I had the car chipped by APR for 93program and 100 program. Before I got the car it had been modded really heavy. The car had a Project ZWO body kit applied . Grill , side shirts , front and rear bumpers, and set of wheels with I took off. Also they added upgraded Neuspeed front and rear bars , H&R coilovers , new cross drilled rotors , euro glass and euro rear lights. Actually there is ton of stuff dome but I can't remember all of it.

So time for an update 10.22.04 , well the car has been down at RTproformace.Com helping them produce a new three inch down pipe. It's coming along nicely. So while we were at the dyno I thought we should pop a few new photos for everyone to see.

The wheels are Original Equipment Porsche 996 Turbo Hollow Spoke.
Sizes are as follows -
Front - 18x8 et 50 - 225/40/18 w/ H&R 20mm Adapter
Rear - 18x11 et 45 - 255/35/18 w/ H&R 25mm Adapter
Tires - Bridgestone S-03 Pole Position
I don't really have the weights off the top of my head, but can tell you that even the rears with the Bridgestones (heaviest performance tire made) are still lighter than the Aristos w/Goodyears.
They have been Powdercoated with a anthracite metallic (silver, blue and slight red flake) that really needs natural sunlight to look correct on the Deep Blue Pearleffekt. Also the center caps are all CNC Aluminum that feature matching powdercoat, Porsche hood crests/emblem and an anti-spin design (so they float with the emblem in the vertical position when driving).
A few things about these wheels. (and I don't want to get into any debate on the staggered fitment)
The fronts are a cake walk for fitment and have helped with many sets of 4 (18x8 on all corners) all across the country.The rears are another story, which is too long to tell the full "trial and error" process. However in short, the 18x11 will not simply bolt on (even with adapter). Both the car and the wheel have had material removed in non-structural areas.
So with all that said about the wheels .... cars/TT/




-425 Dubs