Project W8

2003 Passat ,

This was the car I traded for when the W8 Passat went back to the dealer. I took a few items like the chrome rails and rims, not to mention a few inside items to. This was a fun 1.8T Passat , only thing was it was to new . I couldn't get a chip or suspension right away which was hard for me. I didn't like the 20's on here so I got a great set of these OZ classe's. Running eights up front and nines out in the back. I got a K&N drop in from and always wanted to put a kit on it. Well I also picked up a set of spring from Evolution and took the struts to the local welder to get them trimmed a bit for better stance.

This was the CopyCat project because a good friend of mine has the same car, same color same everything but this does look better. I thought silver is just to good to pass up. Plus finding a 1.8T stick was difficult enough.


But this 1.8T Passat didn't have a long life. Unfortunately I was hit by another drive in May and the car was total loss. It was hit at 60mph while stopped on the freeway. The rear bumper was moved thirteen inches in . i was mostly ok. I still have a bit of trouble. I took all the parts off and stated on a new project.

More pic here




-the 425 Dubs goober