Project W8

2004 1.8T AWD Passat ,

This it the new family wagon. This it as rare as it can get. 2004 2004 1.8T All Wheel Drive Passat manual transmission. Took this car out a for a drive to test the all wheels drive system and fell in love with it. The color , green blue it really weird. With a base coat of black under it the paint changes three times . Also the interior is anthracite blue leather , a shade of gray blue with just enough to notice it's not black leather.

ON this one I waited the ride to be perfect so I opted for a set of H&R coilovers from Expensive but worth it in the end. This Passat handles like a sports car but rides like a caddy. Also I carried over a few items from the last two Passat , the chrome rails , wheels and interior items. I saw that the W8 euro rear lights were cheap and ordered a set  also with rear fog option.

This year while at ND I had the car chipped with the new APR programs. Now it has the power to take off like lightning. So what to do next . I have some plans , new grill , body kit and other ideas. But we will have to wait. I would like to get the lowers painted soon before winter.

UPDATE - It's time to radical here. I see ABT front lip , rear wing and lots of PAINT ! 



-the 425 Dubs goober

More pic's here