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Cancer effects everyone. So we here at 425Dubs want to do something about that. 

Do you know someone with cancer right now , Do you know someone who beat cancer? So please donate and receive a ticket for a chance to win this car.


Mission Statement


                The 2005 425Dubs.Com Team is committed to producing a euro-style vehicle to withstand the grueling challenges encountered in VW show community. Our intent is to raffle off the show vehicle with the proceeds benefiting American Cancer Society. The time period is April through August with the winner of the raffle picked at the 2005 WaterWagens Car Show Seattle Washington. We will work as a professional team to design and fabricate a highly competitive show vehicle while providing a great platform for our sponsors to use in advertising.

                We will organize and establish ourselves as a serious and capable presence within the VW Vortex community. By operating as a business and conducting ourselves in a professional manner we will obtain sponsorships while networking and marketing the show vehicle to businesses and community members alike. We set precedence for all future build teams and must establish an executable and functional protocol for the future of car builders to follow, learn and expand upon.

The Vehicle

                The 2004 car, a 1983 Volkswagen cabriolet (named Chubby for Charity), is quite an accomplishment, especially as it was the first vehicle built by the current team. It features a European chubby stance due to the 13x8 ATS classics wheels with H&R Stage II coilovers, constructed from 1976 rabbit and 1983 cabriolet shell, and a Volkswagen carbureted 1600cc engine attached to modern 5 speed (O2J). Though the engine is restricted, our design is stylish cruising, not performance. This, coupled with the European shaved shell, allows a great platform not seen in many of the competing vehicles. Cabriolet’s  extremely low center of gravity and even weight distribution provide terrific handling characteristics. The car also features a complex interior with classic white and black bucket racing seats.  It  also has a competitive, top of the line, custom-built sound system. However, as is the nature of showing cars, an unforeseen mechanical problem can force us to not be able to attend every event.


Design Goals

The 2004-2005 425Dubs.Com Team aims for a stylish euro MKI hot rod. Based upon research results, and the experience gained during the previous years, we can achieve this through modest tuning and styling in specific areas, without compromising cost. It seems the more VW makes new models of cars, the earliest models seem to get even more popular. Through further analysis, we aim to please most VW enthusiasts with our design. Color choices make it difficult to please everyone, but have decided to prime everything satin black. This is the new “IN” color. Additionally, the suspension and wheels dynamically improved style characteristics. More dramatically, the copper trim works extremely well against the satin black finish. We will continue to push the limits with modifications as time and funds allow, and even realize more of its potential for the American Cancer Society. All other sponsors will be identified by artwork on the vehicle.

Raffle Terms

                The vehicle will be raffled in accordance with all Washington state WAC 230-20-050 and local laws. All Washington State local taxes and licenses apply along with “ The winner” state and local taxes, as would any fines that would be implied by said state. Winners will assume and be responsible for all local, state and federal taxes, including without limitation all applicable sales, use, luxury, income, property and special taxes. Purchasers of raffle tickets must be 18 years of age or older and must qualify under Washington law. The winner will be determined by a random drawing conducted by random bystander. The drawing will be Sunday, August 2005 directly after the awards ceremony at WaterWagens Car Show Seattle Washington. Winners will be notified within seven (7) days . More than one name may be stated on the registration form; however, the first listed name shall be deemed the "entrant." The Social Security number of the entrant must be provided to claim a prize. Payment or delivery of any prize shall be made solely to the entrant. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant in the multiple party entries to allocate any such prize among the other participants in the multiple parties. Ticket Holder need not be present to win.  All prizes will go the "Ticket Holder of Record" according to the 425Dubs.Com. A "Ticket Holder of Record" is defined as the person who purchased the ticket from the 425Dubs, or the registered owner prior to the drawing of the next ticket.